Pre-Paid Funeral Plans with Free Gifts

A prepaid funeral plan is a funeral that you plan and pay for in advance to help those
left behind. As the plan is paid for in advance you pay for the funeral at today’s
prices which protects you from the rising costs of funerals.

- Your choice of 4 fantastic free gifts on all standard plans*
- Peace of mind that everything will be taken care of
- Protection from increasing funeral costs
- No obligation comparison of top providers including Golden Charter and Pride Planning
- Single or Joint Will included on selected plans*



Benefits of Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

- Value plans upfront cost from £2,895 or £13.59 per month
- Standard plans upfront cost from £3,295 or £15.50 per month
- Guaranteed Acceptance for all aged 18-85
- Guaranteed – no more to pay for your funeral director’s services
- Golden Charter plans are the only plans recommended by the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF)
- We do not charge you any fees for our service
- Over 400,000 people in the UK have purchased a Golden Charter funeral plan

*Offer only available on standard Golden Charter, Safe Hands and Pride Planning pre-paid funerals. Offer excludes value, base and direct cremation plans. Minimum deposit of between £49 and £250 applies. Joint or Single Will only available with Golden Charter plans. Only 1 free gift per household per year. Gift sent on receipt of a completed claim form after a minimum of 6 payments have been made to the plan provider. If paying upfront the gift will be sent after 90 days. In the event your chosen gift is unavailable you will be sent the closest equivalent gift. Full Terms and Conditions on request.

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