The world is changing. Life Insurance wasn’t. The big banks and yes some insurance brokers will have you believe Life Insurance is all very complicated and technical when it really isn’t.

You see with term Life Insurance, your loved ones will get a lump sum if you die during the policy term. So you can use this to protect things over a period of time, like your mortgage, or your kids until they are financially independent for example. Or if you want to cover something like your funeral you can take a more expensive Whole of Life Insurance, so there is no term – when you die it pays out.

So it really is all pretty straightforward. Life Insurance only has two reasons it won’t pay out – not answering the questions truthfully or committing suicide within the first 12 months. Apart from this, when you are accepted you are covered and if you die during the term it pays out – that’s it.  Easy as pie.

So if it’s so easy why do Banks and Life Insurers still make things difficult with lengthy application forms and long advice processes before you even get a quote? Why can’t you think about what you want for your family, then go online and just get it sorted? And why stop at a quote when you can answer a few questions and see actual policies with actual prices? Transparency, it’s a beautiful thing!

These were some of the mind boggling questions we puzzled over and so we asked ourselves does it really need to be like this.  We strongly decided NO, so we created SaveOnLife.co.uk. We created a way to quote and buy Life Insurance without a whole heap of stress and without the need for spending hours on the phone or in the stuffy office of a Financial Adviser or a big Bank more interested in squeezing every last penny from your pocket.

Our online Life Insurance journey is all about choice.  Just like some people choose to fly and others choose to drive or get a train.  If you are under 60 years old we will give you the option of answering just 5 medical questions to give you a buy now Life Insurance policy with a fixed monthly premium.  No more questions, no medical reports, we won’t even ask about your family history, what job you do or even your height and weight.  That’s it, you can protect your family in 2 minutes and go and do something a whole lot more FUN!    Or, if you don’t qualify for that option or if you simply want to go with another provider we will give you the option of buying online from huge providers such as Legal and General.  Yes, you will need to answer some more questions, but crucially, we give you that choice to do whatever works best for you and your loved ones.

Our smart technology means you can also quote and buy Over 50’s Life Insurance and Accident Plans online quickly and easily. We also totally get you may still want to speak to an expert, someone who can answer your questions without jargon and just make things easy – we can help there too! We have an expert team based right here in the UK who are on hand to explain any differences and help you if you are unsure on cover amounts and terms.

We just believe in transparency and choice. And we believe you can make some pretty good choices with just a bit of guidance. SaveOnLife will help you protect your loved ones in a super fast and straightforward way so you can enjoy peace of mind and just get on with enjoying LIFE !