Your Occupation

Unemployment cover is not available if you are a self-employed person or a controlling director of your own business. If you fall into these categories please return to the Quote page and remove the Unemployment Cover option.

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You should be aware that if you are working (either through their employment or self-employment) with any of the following materials or equipment at the time of the accident or sickness then you will not be covered:

  • explosive substances or materials
  • asbestos
  • a pneumatic drill
  • tunnelling equipment

In addition, you will not be covered if you are undertaking any of the following activities at the time of the accident or sickness:

  • motorcycle couriering
  • diving
  • demolition
  • underground or open cast mining
  • quarrying
  • involved with the maintenance or collection of oil or gas on an oil or gas rig or platform
  • Flying (e.g. pilot, air crew)

Lastly an individual will not be covered while undertaking any form of military, army, naval or air force service.