Life Insurance Towards
Cremation Costs

- Receive a lump sum towards funeral expenses
- Guaranteed Acceptance if you are aged 49-85
- Instant cover from only £5 per month


Compare quotes from leading UK insurers including…

save on life -shepherds friendly SunLife National Friendly

Features of Funeral Life Insurance

- Life Insurance is a popular way to help towards the cost of a funeral or leave a lump sum to loved ones
- Life Insurance pays out a fixed lump sum and so does not guarantee to cover the full cost of a funeral
- The total paid in premiums could be more than the cash payout (depending on how long you live)
- You need to pay your monthly premiums to keep your cover. If you stop, so will the insurance and you won’t get anything back
- Inflation reduces buying power over time
- Fixed Monthly Premiums – All our top insurers can fix your premium for the life of the policy
- Guaranteed pay out – Whole of Life Insurance so no risk of you outliving a term
- Guaranteed Acceptance – No health or medical questions to answer
- Trust Service – For no extra cost our experts can help you put your policy in trust meaning quicker payouts and no tax to pay


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