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If you would like to change the monthly premium or amount/length of cover please click to amend your quote details. If any of your personal details are incorrect please click to re-enter these which may result in a different premium being quoted.

Significant exclusions and limitations

  • The plan will never have a cash in value.
  • If you stop paying premiums the policy will lapse and you’ll get nothing back.
  • You must tell if you start to live abroad.
  • It is very important to answer all questions truthfully and accurately otherwise the policy may not pay out in the event of a claim. If you are in any doubt as to what should be disclosed please just disclose it anyway.
  • To make a claim you will need to contact the company at the address/telephone number shown in their key features document. This also sets out the tax treatment of your policy and details about putting your plan into trust.
  • You must tell if there are any changes in your circumstances between now and the start date of your policy.
  • Suicide within the first 12 months is not covered.






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