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Funeral Funding option

One Family have teamed up with Golden Charter to offer customers a funeral funding option with their Over 50s plan. With this option a payment will be made directly from your policy proceeds towards the cost of your funeral provided by Golden Charter. Golden Charter will also make a £300 contribution towards the funeral costs if carried out by an independent funeral director linked to Golden Charter.

Please remember that the Over 50s policy is not a funeral plan and may not meet the full cost of a funeral. If there is any outstanding balance, this will need to be met by your estate or next of kin.

Any excess proceeds will be paid to your estate or nominated nominee.

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Important Information

  • You cannot nominate yourself as a beneficiary.
  • The overall maximum you can nominate if £5,000 across all Over 50s Life Cover Plans you may have.
  • If you have nominated your husband or wife as a beneficiary and you get divorced the nomination will stay in place. If you remarry, any previous nomination ends. In either case you should let One Family know and you can make a new nomination if they wish.
  • As you have selected the Funeral Funding Option - if the proceeds of your policy do not cover the costs of your funeral, your beneficiaries will not receive a pay out. In the event of a Terminal Illness claim the money is paid out and the policy is closed.
  • The Funeral Funding Option takes precedence over nomination.

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