Sports Injury

- No medical questions
- Up to £3750 for every broken bone
- Up to £250 per day hospital benefit due to accident or sickness*
- Quote & buy online from £9/month

Compare sports injury insurance quotes from leading UK insurers including….

Compare sports injury insurance quotes from leading UK insurers including…

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The Simplest Way to Buy Sports Injury Insurance Online


Sports injury Insurance provides financial support for you 24/7 by covering a range of injuries from small broken bones to those that could have a significant impact on your life. You will also be covered if you have to spend time in a UK hospital and, with our extended cover options, you can protect your children as well.

If you play sport at any level, an injury can have a devastating effect on your finances. With Sports Injury Insurance you can play the sport you love without the worry of additional financial pain after an injury.  Importantly, you will be covered you whether you are playing sport or not, so if you are unlucky enough to have an accident at home, work or on the road, you are still fully covered.

Sports Injury Insurance pays a lump sum for:

- Broken Bones
- Accidental permanent injuries
- Accidental total permanent disablement
- Accidental death
- UK hospital stays as a result of an accident – from 12 months you are also covered for hospital stays from sickness
- Up to £10,000 Funeral benefit (subject to deferred period)
- Optional Child Benefit (Cover all of your dependent children from as little as £1 per month)
- Optional Active Lifestyle benefit to cover one dislocation and one complete tendon rupture or complete ligament tear in each policy year. Sports Injury Insurance

  • Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Independent qualified experts
  • We do not charge you any fees for our service
  • Cover from only £9 per month
  • Instant Cover Available

*Sickness benefit subject to 12 month deferred period. Benefit amounts vary based on units selected. Maximum amounts based on a £45 per month premium.

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