Over 50s Life Insurance

Over 50s Life Insurance is available to any UK resident aged 50 or over, regardless of their medical history. No Medical Questions. Guaranteed Acceptance.

Over 50s Life Insurance

Over 50s life cover pays out your chosen sum assured however old you live to, as long as the monthly premiums are maintained. There are no medical questions so acceptance is guaranteed for any UK resident over the age of 50. As a result the premiums can be more expensive than term insurance and whole of life cover. It's important to remember that inflation will reduce what your cash sum will buy in the future, so take this into account when you're choosing how much cover you need.

  • Protect your loved ones
  • Pay for your funeral
  • Leave a lump sum behind for your children or grandchildren
  • Instant cover available in most cases
  • Protect your family
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There is no set amount of cover that any one person should take. Consider if you are no longer around how much you would need to be paid out to your loved ones.

Many people ensure the sum assured would cover their mortgage, loans, debts and funeral costs. Those with families often want to ensure their loved ones would not suffer financially so take out cover to protect them and ensure their lifestyle would not be drastically effected.

A multiple of annual salary is often used by people to arrive at a sufficient sum.

A joint policy will only pay out once, usually when the first person dies. If you want the cover to pay out twice when both parties pass away then two single options may be suitable for you.