Aviva Launches Tax Efficient Critical Illness Policy

This week Aviva launched it’s latest Relevant Life Plan which can now cover Life and Critical Illness.

Relevant Life Insurance is offered by a number of providers which allows salaried Directors and employees of small businesses to enjoy the same tax efficiencies as larger business gain through Group Life Insurance. Aviva though are the first UK provider to allow a Critical Illness option to be included potentially saving business owners up to 49% on a standard Life and Critical Illness policy.

The policies will also include access to a network of medical experts through Best Doctors.

Louise Colley, managing director of protection at Aviva, said:, “Historically, relevant life policies have tended to only include a death benefit and terminal illness benefit, so I’m equally delighted that following extensive research and advice from external legal counsel, we are able to offer a fully-compliant critical illness benefit on our new Relevant Life Insurance. This is a market first and we believe that it will really help advisers write more protection business more easily.”