Vitality first UK insurer to partner with Apple Watch

Vitality has introduced Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch Series 2

This latest evolution of Vitality Active Rewards enables Vitality members to get an Apple Watch Series 2 from £69 and then fund the remaining balance by getting active.

Vitality Active Rewards is designed to work seamlessly with Apple Watch Series 2. Members can track their activity via Apple Watch Series 2 to earn Vitality points.

They can also receive notifications to their Apple Watch Series 2 when they unlock Vitality Active Rewards, which include weekly Starbucks drinks and cinema tickets.


Vitality has already seen success with similar integration in the US and South Africa where, compared to members using other devices under the Active Rewards structure, Apple Watch users were found to be considerably more active, with 3.5 active days per week compared to 2.9 for members using other devices.

Neville Koopowitz, CEO of Vitality, said: “Encouraging our members to be active is integral to the Vitality programme – being active has a profound positive effect on a person’s health and productivity, and also leads people to improve other lifestyle behaviours, such as nutrition.

“Through our Active Rewards benefit, where we link immediate incentives to the achievement of short-term physical activity goals, we have seen significant increases in the amount of activity our members are doing, and importantly, many previously sedentary members have now become active.

“Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch is the next evolution of this approach, and we are incredibly excited.”

“Vitality shares our belief that being active has a powerful impact on people’s lives,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s Chief Operating Officer.

He added: “Apple Watch Series 2 is the ultimate companion for a healthy life – and we are thrilled that it will be worn by Vitality customers in the UK very soon.”

The UK launch is part of a global rollout of the benefit by Discovery, the parent company of Vitality, which in September 2015 announced a global collaboration with Apple to launch Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch. 30,000 participants are already using the Apple Watch globally through Discovery.

Article by Fiona Murphy – – 27/09/2016